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Artwork supplied by Colin Wren

Outsourcing Overview

smanWith many high profile casualties in both publishing and development over the past few years, many companies have already started to talk seriously about the 'studio model'. As the computer game industry continues to mature it will inevitable find more cost effective ways of developing products.

One of the most significant factors, and the solution already used by TV and Film companies, is the short term contracting of specific roles to minimize the labour costs on any project. This solution is not without its problems; the introduction of IR35 by the Inland Revenue and recent changes in employment law have made it difficult for companies to take contractors directly. We now provide the ultimate solution; by using Game Ops there are no IR35 problems or employment legislation issues. Also, we have a huge selection of registered, experienced and highly skilled contractors covering every development discipline ready for immediate work.

Mission Statement

At Game Ops we aim to provide a highly professional service to both clients and contractors. We keep our overheads to a minimum allowing us to provide quality contractors at a reasonable price, reducing your development costs and still providing the highest possible quality levels.


2003 saw the growth of outsourcing and Game Ops was at the forefront of this growth. Four years on, Game Ops continues to be UK and Europe's leading provider of freelance resources for computer game development, boasting some of the best Programmer, Artist,  Designer, Tester, Audio, Localisation and Producer talent available in Europe. All contractors are highly skilled and experienced in their individual fields and many have worked on the leading AAA titles of recent years including; The Getaway, WRC, Colin McRae Rally, Grand Theft Auto, Black & White, Republic, Tomb Raider and Juiced.