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Consultancy Overview

stadiumWith so much pressure on developers to deliver product on time and on budget it is often the case that even if a team know themselves that the product is unlikely to hit the agreed dates they may be unsure about the consequences of passing this information on to management.

As a result it's only when critical milestones are missed that alarm bells start to ring. Sometimes this can be too late to prevent the project release from slipping into the next financial period, causing a slump in share price and pressure from the board and shareholders.

To ensure you know the true status of each project you need completely independent advice from an experienced and knowledgeable source.

Game Ops can provide an unbiased and totally objective review of projects at any stage of development. We have experience working with both licensed property and original IP and having worked on titles from Grand Theft Auto and Silicon Valley through to PowerPuff Girls and Tom & Jerry we can quickly determine whether your project needs attention.

Too many companies still rely on people within the projects to report their status without considering how objective the information may be and therefore how accurately it reflects the true status of the project.

For peace of mind, and an independent report to substantiate development progress contact Game Ops for more information.