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Project Management

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Vehicles06Project management is a critical part of the development process but many circumstances can affect the overall success of the project management;

  • Team dynamics
  • Developer/publisher relationships
  • Style of the producer/project manager

All of the above are variables in the development process that are hard to take into account when planning the project but can have a substantial effect on the outcome.

Don't wait until your projects are slipping before you take action, ask Game Ops to provide an unbiased assessment of milestone delivery dates and verify progress to date.

Game Ops has experience of working with many different publishers and with wide ranging team dynamics. Often it is only possible to see issues and problems when approaching them from outside the team or even outside the company.

Game Ops staff can offer clear and concise advice and, where situations demand it, can even provide hands-on assistance to get projects back on track.

Whether you are working with licenses or original content Game Ops has the experience to help your project deliver on time and on budget.


Every project aims to be on time and on budget, but those aims can be effected by external forces. Very often projects can be delayed by 'feature creep' or over complex game design or loss of focus on the overall game objective. Game Ops can provide the solution.

Game Ops staff have many years experience in the production and management of complex game development.

Game Ops staff have experience working across multiple formats and styles of game and in many different situations from startup developers to international publishers.

Game Ops can provide the objective project management skills to identify potential slippage and to formulate and implement recovery strategies before problems take hold and create financial risk.


If adequate project management skills are not applied before and during key stages of development, publishers can suddenly find that milestone dates continually slip and delivery dates are missed. Despite the developer's reassurances, there is a very real concern that the whole project is in jeopardy. Game Ops can provide the solution.

Game Ops provides an independent project assessment, which includes an unbiased view on milestone and delivery dates and if required, will assist in getting the project back on track.

Game Ops offers a 'hands-on' service to overcome the most difficult situations quickly and professionally, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and to requirements.

Game Ops has worked with both licensed properties and original content giving it the experience to deal with any eventuality.