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Artwork supplied by Carleen Houbart

Brand Overview

HectorThe right brand is a key factor in the success of any game. Game Ops can provide the solution.

Game Ops has a unique network of contacts throughout many sports and can provide a full motorsport service with access to events, circuits, drivers, teams and manufacturers.

Game Ops employees have already placed significant licenses in the games industry, including Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, and Richard Burns, 2001 World Rally Champion.

Game Ops can provide access to the latest sports technology for integration with computer games.

Game Ops has recently been appointed as the exclusive agent for an exciting collection of IP including books, TV series and new concept from a creative company that includes Sir Richard Attenborough as one of its directors.


With a variety of the top personalities in various sports Game Ops can provide access to the key names that will distinguish your game and enhance unit sales.


Some of the brightest and most innovative properties are available exclusively through Game Ops.

Contact us now to discover the next BIG hits and how you can work with these exciting projects.

Game Prototypes

Game Ops represents some of the best exciting new talent emerging in the computer games industry. We have a number of teams with unique game concepts and prototypes ready to commence discussions for full development of these potential AAA titles.