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Technology Licenses

kitchen3Game Ops has access to some of the most advanced technology in the world through its association with some of the most respected developers of innovative technology solutions in the world. These companies have been responsible for many inventions that are now seen in common everyday use, including TFT screens.

Through these relationships, Game Ops is able to offer bespoke technology solutions, together with the following existing technologies that can be adapted for various uses within computer games:

Game Ops would be happy to discuss any specific technology solution requirements in strict confidence

GPS tracking technology

As GPS technology is becoming more sophisticated it is now possible to produce extremely high accuracy systems that can be mounted in various ways to produce very accurate positional data from races and other events. This is a fantastic way to add an extra dimension to many sports games and allows integration of 'real time' performance from many of today's foremost sporting heroes.

Camera based tracking and statistical analysis

This is a low cost solution that provides accurate 3D positional data for any object or group of objects within a defined area, for example a football pitch. This technology can easily track, record and transmit multiple object positions within the field of play. The obvious example is all 22 players plus officials and ball on a football pitch.

Military strategy simulation AI and models

It is now possible to license this technology from the people who develop it for the military themselves. The simulation is based on tactical manoeuvres developed with, and used by British military forces.